3G Kids GPS Watch GW1000

Kids GPS watch with GPS. Features include two-way communication, large colour touch screen. Uses GPS, LBS and WiFi for tracking. Built-in 200M camera on watch along with SOS emergency call functionality.
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 Features include:
  • Supports 3G Network: 3G Kids GPS watch
  • Two way communication
  • 1.54 Big Color Touch Screen
  • SOS emergency call
  • Built-in 200M camera on watch
  • New Chipset: faster reaction and lower power consumption
  • Check the history of route
  • 600Mah large battery.

Additional Features Include:

Recording, alarm clock, pedometer, early childhood education, find the watch, loss prevention, electronic fence and two-way conversation.

Products specifications
Screensize 1.54 inch capacitive color touch screen 240 * 240 pixels