Elderly GPS Watch EW200 With Heart Rate Monitoring

GPS Tracking Watch for the elderly. Built-in heart rate monitoring and GPS, LBS and WiFi positioning. GPRS mobile client with two-way communication. Includes a phone book, talk back option and health monitoring. Plus SOS emergency button calling.
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Features Include:

  • Built-in heart rate monitor.
  • Footprints: records route history.
  • Triple positioning: GPS satellites and LBS base station positioning and WIFI location
  • GPRS mobile client or computer service platform, dual control mode.
  • Two-way conversations: users can call each other, can set up three numbers.
  • Phone book
  • Health Monitoring
  • Alarm Watch
  • SOS emergency alarm
  • Low battery alarm
  • Security Zones
  • Remote Shutdown
  • Wrist off alarm
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