Getting Started

Getting Started


Your package has arrived, now what? We’ve put together a step-by-step guide on how to get your GPS Kids Watch up and running.


If you purchased the PingMe Watch please download the User Manual >> Click Here


For all other watches, please follow the steps below.


Step 1


Take the watch and charger out of the box. On the side of the watch is an opening to insert the charger. The charger is a USB adapter and fits into a PC/Laptop or can also be inserted into the main wall adapter.


You will need to charge the watch for at least 3-6 hours prior to using it.


Step 2


Before the watch will work you will need a registered micro-SIM card. Go to any network provider and purchase a micro-SIM card. Be sure to confirm with the provider that the SIM card is caller-enabled. This is to protect the watch from unknown numbers calling it. Make sure to get the cell phone number of the SIM card. Then load data onto the SIM.


Step 3


Once the watch is charged. Near to the charging port is a section to insert the SIM card. Insert the SIM Card


Step 4


You need to download an App. The App is called ‘SeTracker’. Below are the links to iOS and Android, but you can also search for it in your app store. There is ‘SeTracker’ and ‘SeTracker1’ - both these apps work. There is a QR scan on the box, but this does not work on all phones. We recommend going directly to your app store to download.


iOS -

Android -


Step 5


Once the SeTracker App has been downloaded, you then need to link the watch to the app. You do this by using the opening the App and registering an account. The ‘Account’ should be either your name or email address and select a secure password. (include letters, numbers and special characters)


Step 6


You will then need to register the watch. It will ask you for a ‘License’ or ‘ID Number’. PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT your South African ID number. This is the unique ID/IMEI number on the back of the watch. You will find this located next to the IMEI number.



Then continue to insert the account name, a nickname and ‘P_number’ - should be your cell phone number to retrieve a password if you forget.


Step 7


Select the language and country. This will be ‘Europe and Africa’


Step 8


It will ask you to log-in. Use the account you created previously.


Step 9

  • Once you are logged go to 'settings' and enter 3 SOS numbers for family members.

  • Under ‘Telephone’ enter all the numbers that are allowed to call this device. Only these numbers will be able to call the watch.

  • Go to 'settings' and view additional items to change at your preference.

Step 10


Place watch on your child and show your child where the SOS button is and how to use the watch. It will take some time figuring out which functionality works best for you. It is best to try each of the functions to familiarise yourself with the watch before you go out in public.


Contact support (at) for any queries.


Top Tips


The GPS drains the battery. If you plan on using the watch every day, you will need to charge it every night. Under 'Settings' you will also see options for battery saving methods.


Unless you have the waterproof watch, be careful not to get the watch wet. It is splashproof, but if the watch falls in water it will get damaged.


A handy feature on the App is the 'Monitoring' function. If you select this it will call the watch, you will be able to hear and on some watches see what is happening around your child. Your child will not be able to hear you. This is a great feature if you just want to check up on your child and make sure they are safe.


Another great feature is the 'Intercom'. You can send a voice message to your child, like 'please come home now' if they are playing with a neighbour. This will then send the voice-message to the watch, which your child will hear and make their way home.


The GPS location will not work indoors. Please remember this if you are going to a mall or cinema.