GPS Tracking Watch - GW700 (Adult/Teenagers)

This is a GPS Tracking Watch for teenagers and/or adults. It features an SOS emergency call function, real-time GPS monitoring and positioning. The watch is able to call out and you are able to call the watch. You are able to see where the watch is on a map within the App. The watch requires a micro-SIM card (with data and airtime loaded). You can call into the watch to hear what is happening around the watch.
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Delivery date: 7 - 10 days

Features include:

  • SOS emergency call function (Add emergency contacts via the App to the watch)
  • Watch is made of a Silica gel material
  • View on a map real-time GPS positioning
  • Supports SMS messaging
  • You are able to set electronic fence, if the watch goes outside this fence you will receive a alarm notification
  • Low battery alarm notification
  • Track location history
  • Remote monitoring - using the microphone you are able to call into the watch to hear what is happening around your child
  • Up to 100hours standby mode. Up to 6 hours full use mode.


  • The watch needs a micro-SIM card. This is inserted directly into the watch.
  • Requires data and airtime loaded onto the SIM card.
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