PingMe Pocket GPS Tracking Device

The PingMe Pocket Mini GPS Tracker is so handy to have because you can use it to track just about anything. It’s only 3,5cm in length and width which makes it a convenient mini GPS tracker.
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Features include:

  • Attach it to a pram, a soft toy or on to a bib to keep track of your baby (before they can start using the PingMe GPS Kids Watch)
  • Attach it to your pet if they have a habit of getting lost in the neighbourhood
  • Attach it to your car keys
  • Keep it in your car if you have parked in an unsafe area
  • There are so many things you can keep track of - let us know how you plan to use the Ping Me Pocket?
  • Accurate GPS tracker that works anywhere in the world
  • GEO Fenced safe zone with automatic alerts if you loved one leaves this area
  • Listen in functionality
  • 2 Year Warranty